172 Rivington St, New York

Here at BlackCat LES, we endeavor to offer the highest quality ingredients. We aim to provide you with fair trade verified freshly roasted coffee beans and gourmet teas from regions across the globe, milk from humanely treated cows, & delicious eggs from cage-free hens. We cater to the needs of the community, and as always, continue to craft & perfect the most savory, succulent, and outright delicious sandwiches in the Lower East Side. Of course, we could be like everyone else.

Why do we want to be different?
Simply put, it's the right way to do things. Too often, we forget that we once thrived on a diet free of preservatives and pesticides.
Why should that be different today?
We don't ask for perfection in all things, but we'd like to say we're close. Your favorite atmosphere, your favorite drinks, your favorite dishes and your public living room.

The Black Cat Team